The Rose & Shield

theroseandshieldlogoThe Rose & Shield is a website to help you live bravely and actively under a right-leaning government.

We started this website in May 2015 after the Conservatives were voted into power. Lots of people didn’t vote for the Conservatives, and didn’t like what they’d done in the Lib Dem – Conservative coalition.

People were scared about what the Conservatives might do in the five years after 2015. They were scared about the NHS, how we work with the EU, and how poor and sick people might be treated.

Rather than let them be scared, we started The Rose & Shield to give them ideas about how to live bravely and actively under a Conservative government.

We have three groups of ideas: care, challenge and change.


These ideas help you care for yourself, your local community and everyone in the UK.


These ideas help you challenge actions from the government that might damage things the UK holds dear, like the NHS.


These ideas help you change people’s views about important issues which might not be represented in a balanced way in the media.


We’re called The Rose & Shield because we were born in Yorkshire, home of the White Rose, and we’re working to protect people living in the UK from actions that could hurt them.

The Rose & Shield is here to make you feel brave.


You can email us at or use this form to tell us your ideas for helping other people feel brave and active. Good luck, friends.

Our logo was made using two free images: this shield shape and this rose icon.

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